Indian Bankruptcy & Distressed Debt Investing

Opportunities, perspectives and the road ahead in the Indian Distressed Investment Market

Following on from our first Distressed Debt Investing Forum aimed at enhancing the awareness about the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016 (IBC), our Mansion House event on 10 February 2020 is organised by India Professionals Forum, the High Commission of India with the support of EY and Khaitan.

Given the continued levels of distress in the Indian economy, there has never been a greater need for international capital in India. The last year has seen an escalation in the levels of distress in the financial sector in India, an increased focus on pre-insolvency restructurings, the evolution of international fund strategies with increasing active engagement and numerous developments in relation to the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code 2016.

Policy makers in India are engaged and alive to the challenges faced by investors. Following in the footsteps of our earlier conference in September 2018, in order to drive discussion and engagement between international investors and various Indian government agencies on policy changes needed to address their concerns, the Indian High Commission, Khaitan & Co., EY and the Indian Professionals Forum would be pleased if you would join senior policy makers from India and senior management of large global funds, global investment banks and the leading financial institutions in India at a private (closed door) event to discuss the Indian distressed market, the opportunities it presents and the road ahead.

The day-long conference is structured to cover a panel discussion on debt resolution mechanism, a free-wheeling session with senior government representatives and regulators sharing their thoughts on feedback and suggestions received from foreign investors followed by break-out sessions on focused on the power sector, the financial sector, ideas to strengthen debt trading market and pre-insolvency restructurings.

Agenda & Speakers