About Us

We are a non-profit think tank for policy advocacy that supports the UK-India bilateral engagement.

Set up with the support of the High Commission of India, members are invited from a cross section of society including academics, artists, scientists, engineers, business and entrepreneurs.

IPF provides a collective voice and framework to the contribution they make to the UK economy and strengthen their participation in the mainstream of society as well as help in identifying opportunities to contribute towards the development of their community, India and India-UK relations.

IPF will recognise the work of young professionals and encourage members to participate in high level policy advocacy and help in identifying such opportunities.
We aim to focus on creating an interesting, influential and thought provoking think tank that acts as a fount for insightful policy ideas and community leadership.

Contact Us
For all inquiries about us, Please email: info@ipforum.net

Membership Benefits

  • Free access to events through the year

  • Networking event at the High Commission of India

  • Participation in policy working groups

  • Priority access to the Annual Awards Dinner at 50% discount

  • Access to events organised for visiting influencers and ministers from India

  • Exclusive Professional Development coaching offers

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Promoting UK-India businesses and diaspora professionals through engagement with investors, policy makers and civil society to progress our bilateral relationship.

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