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UK-India FinTech: Opportunities & Challenges

The High Commission of India is pleased to invite you to two virtual events, namely “UK- India FinTech: Opportunities & Challenges” on 4th March 2021.

The event on “UK- India FinTech: Opportunities & Challenges” is being organised by the High Commission of India on 4th March 2021 between 1030-1200 Hrs (GMT), in partnership with City of London, FICCI, BDO, IPF and CII. It will include a session on the ecosystem of Fintech sector in India and the UK key findings of the City of London report, case studies and special mention of successful fintech companies, a panel discussion on various aspects of fintech sector including the regulatory environment and experience sharing followed by a Q&A session.

UK-India FinTech: Opportunities & Challenges

4th March 2021, 1030-1200 Hrs (GMT)


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