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India's Emerging ESG Asset Class

Gathering at the inaugural UK-India Sustainable Investing Forum on 7th November, British and Indian leaders agreed to form a new partnership for green growth. The landmark event brought together senior ministers and over 200 business representatives at London’s Guildhall, showcasing the strength of the partnership between India and Britain.

The forum featured an expert panel discussion on approaches to growing India’s unique ESG asset class – strategies for engaging with institutional investors, regulators and corporate social responsibility.

Watch the session presentations by:

  • Chair Pooja Maru – Partner, Jiva Capital

  • Ajit Dayal – Founder & Director, Quantum Advisors - Presentation slides available on request

  • Jal Irani – Senior Vice President, Institutional Equities, Edelweiss Securities -Presentation slides on Seeking Growth the ESG Way

  • Raj Bhatt – Vice-Chair & CEO, Elara Capital - Presentation slides on India's Emerging ESG Asset Class

Download and read our report on forum outcomes and conclusions. Including proposals on the regulatory & market developments required to catalyse sustainable investing solutions in India.

India Sustainable Investing Forum 2019 R
Download • 1.76MB


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